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Location: All Tucker County Summer Camps will be held at the Davis Campus of the National Youth Science Academy.

Ages: Grades listed include the grade the student will be during the 2024-2025 school year.

Camps are supported through a collaborative network including: West Virginia Science Adventures, National Youth Science Academy, Marshall University, the Division of Science, Technology, and Research, WV Higher Education Policy Commission, and Project WET.

Camp costs: The other camps are all full day (9:00-4:00) camps with snacks and lunch provided. These camps are possible due to generous support from the National Youth Science Academy so there is no tuition for these. If you get into one of these camps we will email you and ask for a $25 registration fee due within 2 weeks of the email to hold your child’s seat. If you qualify for a full scholarship (see scholarship tab) your registration fee will be refunded on the last day of the camp if your child attended the entire camp.

During registration for these camps please rank your children’s camp picks (we will try to give top pick, but these are first come/first served so this may not always be possible). Typically we give two full scholarships per child and if there are remaining seats after our May 16th deadline, we may award additional camps.

Registration: Open now, click here!


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June 17th – 21st

LEGO Adventures

4th – 9th grade

Embark on an unforgettable adventure into the world of creativity and innovation at our week-long LEGO summer camp designed especially for fun! Dive into the endless possibilities of LEGO building as you tackle exciting challenges and unleash your imagination. From constructing towering skyscrapers to designing intricate structures, there’s no limit to what you can create with LEGOs. But that’s not all – get ready to take your building skills to the next level with an introduction to robotics, where you’ll learn to bring your creations to life. Join us for a week of fun, friendship, and the thrill of building something truly extraordinary! Lead instructor is long-time LEGO instructor, college student, and LEGO enthusiast Jordan Holman.

June 24th – 28th

Builders and Innovators

4th – 9th grade

Calling all aspiring engineers! Join us for an action-packed week at our engineering camp. Through hands-on projects and engaging workshops, you’ll discover the fundamental principles behind each discipline and gain valuable insights into real-world applications. Get ready to collaborate, problem-solve, and unleash your creativity in an environment where the possibilities are endless. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore the exciting realm of engineering. Taught by the wonderful David Cartwright.


No Tucker Camps July 1st – 19th


July 22nd – 26th

All about Animals!

4th – 9th grade

A fun and interactive camp dedicated to teaching students grades 5-10 about the animals that inhabit our planet. This science-based camp will explore the characteristics of insects, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and birds through experimentation, crafts, fun activities, and even live demonstrations. Students will come away from the camp with fun memories of our hands on
experiences, and having learned about the unique body plans, brain power, and senses of the various animal kingdoms. This interactive camp is an excellent introduction to everything animal for any future Vet, Biologist, or any animal lover! Camp is led by Sara Stone, a Marshall graduate.

July 29th – August 2nd

The Microbiological Zoo: Bacteria In and Around Us

6th – 10th grade

Join us for an exciting journey into the microscopic world of bacteria at our week-long summer camp! Get ready to dive into the fascinating realm of tiny organisms that play huge roles in our lives. Through hands-on experiments and interactive activities, you’ll uncover the secrets of bacteria – from their diverse shapes and sizes to their incredible abilities. Explore how bacteria help us, harm us, and even make our favorite foods. From understanding antibiotic resistance to discovering the importance of good hygiene, this camp promises a week filled with discovery, fun, and maybe a few surprises! Lead instructor is Dr. Holly Cyphert Marshall faculty member and mom to two young, energetic boys.

August 5th – 9th

Drones Over Davis

9th – 12th grade

Now boarding for an exciting week learning the ins and outs of uncrewed aerial systems (UAS), aka drones! Join experienced Radford University professors and students at the National Youth Science Academy Davis campus for an engaging and in-depth summer camp learning how to use this amazing and cutting-edge technology. Gain experience with flight operations with both quadcopter and fixed wing aircraft! Learn both stick and rudder as well as autonomous flight modes for a wide range of applications, from photography, environmental science, engineering, and more! Get personalized instruction from FAA Part 107 certified instructors to practice not only safe flight protocols but also image processing of your results! These skills with serve you well in a variety of possible future career paths in STEM, and you’ll have fun learning them!

August 6th – 8th

Water Explorers

4th – 9th grade

Do you find yourself being pulled to streams, rivers, and creeks? Then join us at the Water Explorer’s Camp this summer. Each day we will explore water and introduce you to all things fascinating about Earth’s most precious resource. From close-up looks at aquatic bugs and fish you may have never seen before, to how we keep our water clean for all life, this camp has it covered. We’ll introduce you to mysterious wetlands and the plants and creatures who live there and use our imaginations in hands-on activities and models. Lead educators will be WVDEP staff, including Tomi Bergstrom, WV Project WET Coordinator; Henry Beth-Vance, Youth Environmental Program Coordinator; Callie Sams-Cronin, Save Our Streams Coordinator, and Martin Christ, Northern Basin Coordinator.



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