1. How does a homeschooler apply for financial aid? We need to see some type of proof of financial need (some example could be: that you are on food stamps or last year’s tax form). All applications for financial aid need to be post-marked by May 16th, or sent via email with the same deadline.
  2. In some age groups there are age over laps (3rd and 6th). Are there any recommendations as to which camp 3rd or 6th graders should opt? We designed some overlap in ages in our camps for a few reasons. First of all, for families with multiple children this will allow some families to send siblings to the same camp. Secondly, the parents can decide if their child would be more comfortable being the oldest or youngest in a class. Also this allows for variations in student maturity and comfort.
    For 3rd graders another factor is whether a caregiver is interested and/or available since the sessions with the youngest kids we are asking care givers to be present (we obviously can’t let 6 years olds to have unrestrictive access to Camp size varies from 6-20 students and there will 2-3 instructors per camp so that allows for plenty of one-on-one instruction.)
  3. What grade level does my child count as? The camps are suited for rising students to be able to participate. If you have a child who finished 6th grade in the spring and is starting 7th grade in the fall, register them for camps aimed at 7th graders.
    If you have any questions or wish to make an exception, please email us. We rarely allow campers to go up an age group, but if your camper wishes to go to a camp aimed at a younger age group with a friend or sibling, please reach out and we can try to make any adjustments as needed.
  4. Can I sponsor a child? Yes we would love to get as many child to participate without consideration of financial need! Unfortunately, at this point we can’t take credit cards or Paypal, and we are limited to receiving checks. CLICK HERE