• 2014-07-21 085400CSI Huntington, 6th-8th  grades, June 26th, 9am-4pm , $60
    Did you know that Huntington has its own Crime Scene House for training forensic scientists? Want to solve a crime there? Hands on experience and training in a variety of forensic science disciplines including latent prints, blood spatter analysis, digital forensics, outdoor crime scene, and toxicology. LAST DAY TO REGISTER FOR THIS CAMP IS JUNE 9th.


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  • Scanning the Microscopic World, 6th-8th grades, June 22nd, 9am-4pm, $60           Ever wanted to use a $100,000 microscope? Here is your chance! Create beautiful images of the microsopic world around you. Participate in demonstrations of how Newtonian concepts of physics meet those of quantum mechanics.
  • Fur, Scales and Larvae, 6th-8th  grades, June 25th, 9am-4pm, $60
    Wild and wonderful West Virginia, from the creepy crawlers to the furry flyers in our forests. We explore the many rare and beautiful creatures that live around us. Learning native species, their scientific names, habitats and how to identify them and why every one of them is important to the ecosystem. Live specimens!
  • Small Things Made Big, 3rd-6th grades, July 6th, 1pm-4pm, $35
    Using easy to acquire objects, we take a look at the micro-scale and see if we can identify the objects. Count the hairs on a flea, see the mouth parts of a horsefly, get up close and personal with an orange peel. We go on a scavenger hunt to try to be the first to locate our micro-treasures.
  • Where the Germs Are, 3rd-6th grades, July 7th, 1pm-4pm, $35
    Learn microbiology techniques and then find out where and who has the most germs and where they are located. Does hand washing make a difference? Does antimicrobial soap help? What about hand sanitizers?
  • 2014-07-22 141454bAchy Breaky Heart, 3rd-6th grades, July 8th, 1pm-4pm, $35
    It’s time to play. We dissect hearts and learn how our hearts adapt to physical activity and why they need to stay healthy.  Run the circulatory maze and see if you can figure out how we get blood through the body and back again.
  • How Are you Different from an Elephant?, 3rd-6th grades, July 10th, 1pm-4pm, $35
    Learn about your own body by comparing it to an elephant’s. Run the length of an elephant’s digestive system.
  • Anatomy: From Form to Function, 6th-8th grades, July 20th–23rd, 9am-4pm, $220
    Learn, dissect and play. We combine classroom, labs, art and gym into one amazing camp.


  • Campus Mayhem, 6th-8th grades, July 24th, 9am-4pm, $60
    The first rule of Campus Mayhem is that we do not talk about Campus Mayhem. Join us for this top secret day of fun and excitement out and around the Marshall campus.


  • Minecraft Camp , 6th-8th  grades, June 8th-10th, 8:30am-12:30pm, $165
    Build and program your own personal Minecraft computer. Using a Raspberry Pi, learn how to program, design and troubleshoot your very own Minecraft computer. The best part is that you get to take it home when you’re done! FULL/ Not accepting any more students for this camp.


  • Mixing Magic of Chemistry, 3rd-6th grades, July 9th, 1pm-4pm, $35
    How does the elephant brush his teeth? With chemistry, almost anything is possible. Let’s have some fun and mix up some excitement. Learn basic concepts of chemistry and have fun doing it.


  • Build and Play Days, 6th-8th grades, June 11th-12th, 9am-4pm, $110
    From Cartesian divers to trebuchets, learn simple circuits, aerodynamics, and make your own robot bugs. If building and design is your thing, then this is the camp for you. Open build time and student driven fun.
  • Science Is Magic, 6th -8th  grades, June 23rd, 9am-4pm, $60
    Sometimes, when we see science at work, it seems to be almost magic. In this camp, we explore some of the more magical aspects of the scientific world. Wear old clothes and be ready to get messy!
  • Nerdy Derby, 6th-8th  grades,  June 24th, 9am-4pm , $60
    Using recycled materials, trash, and a whole can of awesome, build your own car and race in this free-for-all derby. Open build time and lots of fun to be had. From the fastest to the craziest, compete for top honors, and most of all, have fun!
  • Airplane Design and Play, 3rd-6th grades, July 17th, 1pm-4pm, $35
    Learn about aerodynamics and how to use your imagination to make the best plane you can. Using materials on hand, make changes to your plane’s performance. Use our launch pad and practice for the final race!


  • The Chemistry of Water, 6th-9th grades, July 13th, 1pm-4pm, $35
    Water is an amazing substance with distinctive chemical properties that allow it to function in unique ways.  Students will explore the chemistry of water with hands-on experiments and learn the ins and outs of a water chemistry lab.
  • Using Bugs to Protect Streams, 6th -9th grades, July 15th, 1pm-4pm, $35
    Aquatic life is frequently used to evaluate the human impact on stream ecosystems.  Students will investigate streams to determine whether they are healthy or impacted by pollution. This useful skill may be handy for those joining local watershed groups, fishermen, or anyone interested in bugs and streams.
  • Exploring Water, 3rd-6th grades, July 14th, 9am-12pm, $35
    The amazing properties of water are revealed through hands-on demonstrations which show why this unique liquid is critical for life.
  • Creepy Crawlers in Creeks, 3rd-6th grades, July 16th, 9am-12pm, $35
    The aquatic food web is explored, focusing on the special characteristics of bugs that adapt themselves to their unique lifestyles.



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For questions about camp dates or anything please contact us at SummerScienceAdventures@gmail.com.

Camps are also available for grades K-6 and 9-12. Teachers are invited to observe but please RSVP.

Multiple child discount of 15%.  Most camps have a maximum attendance of 20.
Snacks will be provided. Full day campers please bring your lunch!
Camps are taught by professors, graduate students or local professionals with a low camper to instructor ratio.
Scholarships are available.