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ACT MATH Camps – go to registration tab to register now!

Taught by Marshall University Math Professors

Held the weekend prior to the ACT & SAT exams Saturday and Sunday from 1:00-4:30

Identify your math strengths and weaknesses, build on existing skills, play fun and challenging math games, daily practice in an average pacing of 1 question per minute, reassessment at the end of the camp so students are prepared to continuing studying independently


Spring 2020 ACT:  March 28-29 (cancelled due to community health concerns and MU being suspended), June 6-7

Summer 2020 ACT: July 13-17

ACT camps focused for students in the 19 and above range

Minimal class size 4, maximal size 12

As of Spring 2018 the West Virginia Department of Education has chosen the SAT as the new statewide standardized test for high school juniors to replace the Smarter Balanced exam.  Therefore, the SAT will be given to most WV public high school students free of charge.  The ACT will continue to be available to WV students on their national testing dates, but at their own expense.  Due to this change, we have added a SAT boot camp the weekend before the state test date.

 $140/ weekend session; $300/ week long session (only held in summers)


New York Times article from April 10, 2017 on why even high achieving students need standardize test preparation

Should your child take the ACTs or SATs? This very much depends on your child’s strengths and their college/scholarship test score goals. Here is a good overview of the difference between the math sections of the ACT and SAT:

Our goal is to:

  • allow students to identify their weakest skills
  • collaborate with their peers and the instructor to build on existing knowledge
  • work daily to practice an average pacing of 1 question per 1 minute
  • reassess their skills at the end of the week so they are prepared to continue studying on their own before the exam