Meet Our Team

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Founder and Director

Dr. Suzanne G. Strait

BA Hampshire College 1984
PhD SUNY Stony Brook 1991

Dr. Strait is a Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences. Her love for science and her goal of making science more accessible, diverse, and inclusive guided the development of this organization. She wants everyone to understand how fun (and important) science, math, technology, and engineering are and wants everyone to grow up to be a scientist!


Senior Science Educator

Joe Hamden “Mr. Joe”

BS Biological Sciences, Marshall University 2009

Helping students learn difficult subjects without ever knowing they are learning is my goal. I try to incorporate the subject matter into fun activities. Fun activities that include building cannons, catapults, rail guns, and even exploding watermelons. My job is not to teach children but to get them curious and wanting to learn more. When your child comes home and spends hours reading and looking up science-themed videos, I have done my job.

Mr. Joe’s motto:  “Learning should be fun, and above all else there should be explosions”

Graduate Student Science Educator

Jessica Cantrell

BS Marshall University, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 2015

Jessica is a scientist, mother of two girls, and has an amazing menagerie of interesting animals she shares. Jessica’s research interests include herpetology, life history strategies, historical ecology, conservation biology. She is now finishing up her MS degree and her thesis research focused on the 2016 Magicicada emergence in WV and the possible conservation message that it brings, from the community role as “citizen scientists” to the cicadas’ role as bioindicators.

Undergraduate Assistant Science Educator

Jordan Holman

Jordan has interests in biology and chemistry and is the assistant for Saturday Science and our Summer Camps.

ACT/SAT Math Prep Faculty


Shannon Miller-Mace

Instructor, Department of Mathematics
MA Marshall University, Mathematics 2018
Ed.D Marshall University, in progress

I enjoy learning new things, consider myself a “student of the world”, and wish to share my enthusiasm for the discovery of the unknown. I hope to continue being inspired by my students, seeing them overcome challenges, find meaning, and experience success in their academic careers.


Jessica Johnson

Department of Mathematics


Rob Roy

Department of Mathematics

Camp and Festival College of Science Faculty Content Developers

Dr. Jon Saken

Associate Professor, Department of Physics
The man with the Planetarium!

Dr. Sean McBride

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics
The hovercraft maker

David Neff

Microscope Technician, Department of Chemistry
Scanning electron microscopy for kids

Dr. Elizabeth Niese

Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics
Knows how to make math fun for kids

Dr. Mindy Armstead

Chair and Assistant Professor, Natural Resources and the Environment
Teaches kid why we need to care about our water

Dr. Tom Jones

Associate Professor, Natural Resources and the Environment
River and stream ecology and the mussels, crayfish, and other critters you find there

Dr. Anne Axel

Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
Forest sounds and soundscapes

Dr. Marcia Harrison

Professor Emeritus, Department of Biological Sciences
Plants and what they look like microscopically

Dr. Philippe Georgel

Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
Molecular cooking

Dr. Wendy Trzyna

Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
Microbiology and all the little things that can find on your doorknobs

Dr. Anna Mummert

Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics
Making math fun for all ages

Dr. Bonita Lawrence

Professor, Department of Mathematics
Runs the MU Differential Analyzer Lab which is an analog machine for solving equations

Dr. Jennifer Moscher

Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
Microbiology and all the very little things you find in water