2014-07-24 152842bBIOLOGY, ENGINEERING & ART – Full Week

  • Bone Builder, 9th-12th, July 27-31, 1pm-4pm, $130
    Join us for a full week of bone building fun. Learn how to clean a skeleton and wire one together. Make a real animal or one from your imagination! You will take home your creation at the end of the week!


  • CSI Huntington, 9th-12th grades, July 3rd, 9am-4pm, $60
    Did you know that Huntington has its own Crime Scene House for training forensic scientists? Want to solve a crime there? Hands on experience and training in a variety of forensic science disciplines including latent prints, blood spatter analysis, digital forensics, outdoor crime scene, and toxicology. Only a few spots left. Please register ASAP.

2014-07-24 152622bBIOLOGY

  • Scanning the Microscopic World, 9th-12th grades, June 29th, 1pm-4pm, $35  *LIMIT 10*
    Ever wanted to use a $100,000 microscope? Here is your chance! Create beautiful images of the microscopic world around you. Participate in demonstrations of how Newtonian concepts of physics meet those of quantum mechanics.
    Sorry, camp is full.
  • Microscopic World: Bacteria and Fungi Around You, 9th-12th grades, June 30th, 1pm-4pm, $35
    Bacteria, Amoebae, Mold! Oh my! Why does food spoil? What is that green fuzzy stuff on my bread? What exactly are those “live cultures” in my yogurt?? Find out about cool microscopic living things!
  • IMG1796Copyb Anatomy, A Cut Above the Rest, 9th-12th grades, July 1st, 1pm-4pm, $35
    Learn anatomy by hands-on dissections. Please keep in mind the hands-on nature of this camp. Explore and learn with a rare opportunity to dissect several different specimens. From eyeballs to hearts, you will have a fantastically squishy time.
  • You Are What You Eat and More: Cooking with Science, 9th-12th grades, July 2nd, 1pm-4pm, $35
    Using molecular biology we learn that our diet doesn’t just affect ourselves. Our choices get passed on to our children. Learn how and why these choices are important. With those lessons in mind, we can apply what we have learned and cook with science. Enjoy the lesson and hopefully enjoy the food.


  • The Chemistry of Water, 6th-9th grades, July 13th, 1pm-4pm, $35
    Water is an amazing substance with distinctive chemical properties that allow it to function in unique ways.  Students will explore the chemistry of water with hands-on experiments and learn the ins and outs of a water chemistry lab.
  • Using Bugs to Protect Streams, 6th -9th grades, July 15th, 1pm-4pm, $35
    2014-07-23 111107-2bAquatic life is frequently used to evaluate the human impact on stream ecosystems.  Students will investigate streams to determine whether they are healthy or impacted by pollution. This useful skill may be handy for those joining local watershed groups, fishermen, or anyone interested in bugs and streams.
  • Trying out Science, 10th-12th grades, July 14th, 1pm-4pm, $35
    A hands-on look at careers in Environmental Science.  Activities are designed to give high school juniors and seniors exposure to the diverse opportunities in environmental science and natural resources, with the aim to help them focus academic and career goals.  No matter what your talents and skill level, if your interests lie outside the classroom and/or office, this camp is for you!
  • Fishing for a Living, 10th-12th grades, July 16th, 1pm-4pm, $35
    Healthy aquatic systems are critical for survival of all species as we depend on them for drinking water and food.  Students participating in this course will take a look at the general health of aquatic resources with hands-on investigations.  Special attention will be given to discussions of careers in the aquatic sciences.

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For questions about camp dates or anything please contact us at SummerScienceAdventures@gmail.com.

Camps are also available for grades K-9. Teachers are invited to observe but please RSVP.

Multiple child discount of 15%.  Most camps have a maximum attendance of 20.
Snacks will be provided. Full day campers please bring your lunch!
Camps are taught by professors, graduate students or local professionals with a low camper to instructor ratio.
Scholarships are available.