Grades 9-12

Grades 9-12 2020-01-28T21:05:34-04:00

Summer Science Adventures 2020 Registration

All ages include rising students (for example 9 means students entering 9th in the fall)Camps only run if they meet their minimum number

We try to stay a little flexible on age groups based on individual children’s needs and also the desire to keep siblings together – just let us know.

June 3-7

Minecraft Ancient Egypt (closed)

(K-10) 9:00 am-4:00 pm, $275/week

Team building, archeology, trigonometry, programming, and building on a gigantic scale. We will look at satellite imagery, historical photos, and documents to learn how one of the most spectacular ancient wonders of the world was built. Were the designers and construction workers paid laborer’s or was it aliens from a distant planet? We will use some of the same tools they used to plan out the construction and design and recreate them. Catacombs, secret tunnels, booby-traps and all. Lead educators will be Terry Dillman, a MU College of Science graduate who is now a teacher at the STEM+M High School, and MU student Jordan Holman who traveled to Egypt this spring for his unique perspective.

Camp class size 10-40

Campers need to bring their lunches

June 10-14

Microbiology (closed)

Grades 6-12 1:00-4:00 $145/week

Unleash your inner scientist! Work in a real laboratory using microscopes and college-level lab equipment while learning about the microbial world.  Spend the week doing exciting hands-on activities with bacteria, amoebae, and fungi you’ll collect from the environment and grow in the lab. Great introduction to health-related science if you’re interested in becoming a doctor or biomedical scientist. This class will be taught by Marshall Professor (and mom) Dr. Wendy Trzyna in the Microbiology lab. Rigorous and fun!!

Camp class size 7-15

This session is available for a STAR partnership wrap-around full day camp

July 8-12

ACT boot-camp (closed)

1:00-4:30, $300/week

Identify your math strengths and weaknesses, build on existing skills, play fun and challenging math games, daily practice in an average pacing of 1 question per minute, and reassessment at the end of the week so students are prepared to continuing studying independently. Taught by the Marshall University Math Department.

Camp class size 5-12

July 8-9



For our 7th year, the Marshall University College of Science is hosting Summer Science Adventure camps. Let us share with your child an unforgettable experience. With Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math, full STEAM ahead with idea that can learning can be so fun. All camps are hands-on with science, include creativity and art, and we sneak math in at every opportunity (and the kids don’t even notice it).

With camps spanning many fields such as veterinarian sciences, microscopy, anatomy, microbiology, and computer programming, your child will explore through both hands-on and activity based learning. The camps offer the opportunity for your child to enrich their science education and see what real science is all about.

Our camps are designed and staffed by MU professors, graduate students, and local professionals to ensure your child is being taught by people whose careers are science based. Assistants include use Marshall students and STEM high school students for experience for everyone. Camps range from 2:6-2:10 staff-camper ratio permitting very individualized instruction. These camps will give your child an opportunity to explore careers in the sciences and, since these camps are in Marshall University laboratories, it’s a great peak to see what college has to offer!

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