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Summer Science Adventures 2019 Registration

  • All ages include rising students (for example K means students entering Kindergarten in the fall)
  • Camps only run if they meet their minimum number
  •  Also see at the bottom of the page our partnership with the MU Rec Center. Your kids can do one of our 1/2-day camps and spent the other 1/2 day at the Rec Center. This program is our STaR partnership (Science, Tech and Rec)
  • We try to stay a little flexible on age groups based on individual children’s needs and also the desire to keep siblings together – just let us know

June 3-7

Minecraft Ancient Egypt (closed)

(K-10) 9:00 am-4:00 pm, $275/week

Team building, archeology, trigonometry, programming, and building on a gigantic scale. We will look at satellite imagery, historical photos, and documents to learn how one of the most spectacular ancient wonders of the world was built. Were the designers and construction workers paid laborer’s or was it aliens from a distant planet? We will use some of the same tools they used to plan out the construction and design and recreate them. Catacombs, secret tunnels, booby-traps and all. Lead educators will be Terry Dillman, a MU College of Science graduate who is now a teacher at the STEM+M High School, and MU student Jordan Holman who traveled to Egypt this spring for his unique perspective.

Camp class size 10-40

Campers need to bring their lunches

June 10-14

Kids, Code & Creativity 1.0 (closed)

Grades 2-5 9:00-12:00 $145/week   (sorry we can’t take kids young than those starting 2nd grade next fall for this class)

Spend a week learning to write a game, compose music, or making software art! Here we will do all of those things and learn a few fundamental concepts of programming. This is a class where there is no right (or wrong) answers, as long as you are having fun. We will start out learning the basics of the MIT-developed programing software for kids “Scratch”. It’s a drag and drop programming environment and can support you in creating whatever you want. Class size for this new addition to our line-up is limited to 15 so sign up early. Taught by Archer Sully, a Silicon Valley veteran (and dad) who has worked for innovative companies on digital media products.

Camp class sizes 8-15

This session is available for a STAR partnership wrap-around full day camp

June 17-21

Dinosaurs, Dig and Discover (closed)

K-2, 9:00-12:00, $145/week

In this camp we travel back in time to learn about life’s incredible ancient creatures and environments–not just dinosaurs, but amazing life before and after! The paleontologists in training will learn about the tools and methods paleontologist use to learn about life’s history and dig up their own cool take homes! Learn how fossils are made and replicated and make your own to take home fossils. If you like animals like T. rex, Dimetrodon, Megalodon, Trilobites, and Mastodons then come be a paleontologist for a week! Leader educator will be Liz Lester, Marshall University paleontology graduate student.
Camp size 10-24

This session is available for a STAR partnership wrap-around full day camp

June 24-28

Legos Building Blocks and Brains (closed)

K-2, 9:00-12:00, $145/week

Help us build structures and simple machines that really work, using gears, levers, pulleys, and motors while building confidence, fine motor skills, and having fun. Open play, daily building challenges, and an introduction to Lego robotics. Strongly suggested for those that want to join our Fall Lego robotics Competition teams. Leader educator will be Terry Dillman, who coaches our Lego Robotics team and is a teacher at the STEM+M High School.

Camp size 10-22

This session is available for a STAR partnership wrap-around full day camp

July 2-6

no camps this week due to the holidays

July 8-12

Awesome Animal Camp (closed)

K-2 9:00-12:00, $145/week

Fur, feathers, and scales! In this camp we will explore the amazing kingdom of animals from the cute and furry to the creepy and crawly. Through games and activities campers will learn about different animals and environments they live in from exotic animals like gorillas of the jungle, kangaroos of the outback, to the squirrels in your backyard. Students will get to meet some animal ambassadors including sugar gliders, snakes, ferrets, and hedgehogs. If you love animals then this is the camp for you! Lead educator will be Liz Lester Marshall University graduate student and pet crazed mom of 27 including 15 sugar gliders, 2 short-tailed opossums, 3 ferrets, 2 guinea pigs, 2 crested geckos, a Syrian hamster, hedgehog, and a millipede.

Camp class size 10- 25

This session is available for a STAR partnership wrap-around full day camp

July 15-19

Flight Science!! (closed)

Grades 2-4, 9:00-12:00, $145/week

From the earliest days people have been fascinated by flight, and dreamed of soaring like the birds.  What makes flight possible?  How can we build machines capable of flight?  How can they carry us beyond Earth?  In this course students will learn the basic principles of flight and build their own devices to achieve this ancient dream, from simple planes to rockets.  Be prepared to get messy as you soar, crash, and rise to soar again. This camp will be designed and run by Marshall University physics professor and super Dad – Dr. Jon Saken.

Camp class size 8-24

This session is available for a STAR partnership wrap-around full day camp

July 22-26

Rocks Rock (closed)

K-2, 9:00-12:00, $145/week

Have you ever wanted to learn how to tell quartz from a diamond? In this camp we will learn about the rocks and minerals that make up the Earth and how to identify them. Campers will explore the rock cycle making our own edible rocks. From volcanoes to rivers we will discover what makes up our planet and what we can do to protect it. Graduate student Liz Lester, who has BS in geology from Ohio State, will be leading this new camp.
Camp size 10-24

This session is available for a STAR partnership wrap-around full day camp

July 29-August 2

Rainbow Camp

K-2, 9:00-12:00, $145/week

Where do colors come from? What is a rainbow?  How does art intersect with science? Is there a pot of gold at the end or sunlight refracting off millions of minute water droplets in the air? Can you make a rainbow in your back yard? (Yes, you can!) Learn that mixing different colors of light form different colors than mixing paint. How does Mario drive on Rainbow Road and can you follow a rainbow like him? A full week of color exploration. Lead educators will be Terry Dillman, a MU College of Science graduate who is now a teacher at the STEM+M High School.

Camp class sizes 8-24

This session is available for a STAR partnership wrap-around full day camp

August 5-9

Pokémon (2 seats left)

(K-8) 9:00 am-4:00 pm, $280/week

The science and natural history of Pokémon. All the staff at WVSA are obsessed by Pokémon, so what a perfect way to end our summer with Pokémon all day/all week!! Everything Pokémon linked to strategy, science, math, games, and lots of Pokémon crafts.

Camp size 10-24

Campers need to bring their lunches


STaR Partnership -Science, Tech and Rec

This summer we will be partnering with the Marshall University Rec Center Summer day camp. Any week we have half-day camps, your child can spend a half day with us exercising their brains and a half day running around at the Rec Center. If you sign up for this program, our staff will take our morning session campers once their day with us is done and drop them off at noon at the Rec Center, where you can pick them up at the end of the day. If you child is an afternoon camper with us, they can start their morning at the Rec center and our staff will pick them up at 12:45 and transport to the Science Building where you can pick them up at the end of the day. We are trying to make our camps easier and more accessible for full time working parents. Also email us if you need early drop off or late pick up, many times we can arrange this as well. After you register with us just contact the Rec Center front desk (call or drop in) and ask them about the STaR partnership (Science, Tech and Rec) and they will let your register for a half day with them (at their half-day rates). If you have questions about Rec Center portion of this program, please contact Chad Steen, Assistant Director of Adventure Rec & Youth Programs, 304-696-4732 or

For our 6th year, the Marshall University College of Science is hosting Summer Science Adventure camps. Let us share with your child an unforgettable experience. With Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math, full STEAM ahead with idea that can learning can be so fun. All camps are hands-on with science, include creativity and art, and we sneak math in at every opportunity (and the kids don’t even notice it).

With camps spanning many fields such as veterinarian sciences, microscopy, anatomy, microbiology, and computer programming, your child will explore through both hands-on and activity based learning. The camps offer the opportunity for your child to enrich their science education and see what real science is all about.

Our camps are designed and staffed by MU professors, graduate students, and local professionals to ensure your child is being taught by people whose careers are science based. Assistants include use Marshall students and STEM high school students for experience for everyone. Camps range from 2:6-2:10 staff-camper ratio permitting very individualized instruction. These camps will give your child an opportunity to explore careers in the sciences and, since these camps are in Marshall University laboratories, it’s a great peak to see what college has to offer!

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