Summer Science Adventures

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Summer Science Adventures 2020 Registration Opens March 1! 



All ages include rising students (for example K means students entering Kindergarten in the fall)

Camps only run if they meet their minimum number

 Also see at the bottom of the page our partnership with the MU Rec Center. Your kids can do one of our 1/2-day camps and spent the other 1/2 day at the Rec Center. This program is our STaR partnership (Science, Tech and Rec).

May 25-29, 2020

Minecraft in Space

(K-10) 9:00 am-4:00 pm, $275/week

Team building, space science, trigonometry, programming, and building on an unearthly scale. Build space ship and learn about the scale and size of the universe. You will colonize the moon and Mars learning about the challenges of space travel, time lags, and settlement. Leader educators will be Terry Dillman, a MU College of Science graduate and current teacher at the STEM+M High School, and space mining enthusiast Jordan Holman.

Camp class size 10-40

Campers need to bring their lunches

June 1-5, 2020

Frozen Fun

K-2, 9:00-12:00; Grades 3-6, 1:00-4:00, $145/week

Do you love Frozen as much as we do??  This camp is about everything Frozen, Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven and friends. Play Frozen games and make Frozen crafts to take home. Do science experiments that will teach you how to have powers over ice and snow just like Elsa!

Camp class sizes 8-24

This session is available for a STaR partnership wrap-around full day camp

Dungeons & Dragons: Gaming Alive

Grades 6-12 9:00-4:00 $275/week

Love playing D & D, or just want to learn, then this camp is for you! Anna will be your dungeon master and take you on a magical journey and see where your dice lead you. Since this is a full day camp, there is also time to make your character, or any you choose, into a full cosplay costume. We will supply you will the raw materials and techniques and you will supply the vision. This camp is scheduled the week before the Huntington Comic and Toy convention on June 6 & 7, just in case you want to go in full costume.

Camp class size 5-20

June 8-12

Junior Engineers: Duplo Building Blocks & Brain

Ages 4 and up (must be 4 by the time the camp starts) 9:00-12:00; $145/week

This year we are adding camps for the littlest builders! Join us for a week of building, creativity, and making new friends. Every day we will build a new world, school, zoo, farm, or race track while building confidence, fine motor skills, and having fun. Open play, daily building challenges, and an introduction to engineering design. Leader educators are Jordan Holman who teaches our LEGO robotics junior leagues and Kim Jones from Southside Elementary.

Camp class size 10- 20

This session is available for a STaR partnership wrap-around full day camp for children 5 and up at the time of the camp

Junior Engineers: LEGO Building Blocks & Brain

Grades 1-6, 1:00-4:00; $145/week

Help us build structures and simple machines that really work, using gears, levers, pulleys, and motors while building confidence, fine motor skills, and having fun. Open play, daily building challenges, and an introduction to Lego robotics. Strongly suggested for those that want to join our Fall Lego robotics Competition teams. Leader educator will be Jordan, who coaches our junior Lego Robotics team.

This session is available for a STAR partnership wrap-around full day camp

June 15-19

Space and the Stars Above

 K-2 9:00-12:00,  3-5, 1:00-4:00, $145/week

How can you study stars during the day? Come to Marshall and can gaze up into the stars in our engaging and interactive planetarium. Learn the stories of the constellation and make up some of your own. Make rockets and cosmic paper airplanes. This star-studded week will be designed and run by Marshall University physics professor and super Dad – Dr. Jon Saken.

Camp class size 10- 24

This session is available for a STAR partnership wrap-around full day camp

June 22-26

Kids, Code & Creativity

Grades 2-5, 9:00-12:00, $145/week

Spend a week learning to write a game, compose music, or making software art! Here we will do all of those things and learn a few fundamental concepts of programming. This is a class where there is no right (or wrong) answers, as long as you are having fun. We will start out learning the basics of the MIT-developed programing software for kids “Scratch”. It’s a drag and drop programming environment and can support you in creating whatever you want. Class size for this new addition to our line-up is limited to 15 so sign up early. Taught by Archer Sully, a Silicon Valley veteran (and dad) who has worked for innovative companies on digital media products.

Camp size 10-22

This session is

grades available for a STAR partnership wrap-around full day camp

Photography: Art and Science Collide

1:00-4:00 Grades 6-12, $145/week

Photography is one of the places where art and science collide. Learn about science and nature photography at many levels of magnification. In addition to traditional photography, students will also be taking images from light microscopes at 5-100x and then also with from 100x-1000x working one-on-one with a specialist with a research grade Scanning Electron Microscopy. Also learn the basics of the 35mm camera usage and photo editing. Team taught by Terry Dillman, David Neff, and Archer Sully.

 June 29-July 3

A Passport to Japan: Language, comics and coding

Grades 2-7 9:00-12:00, $145/week

Travel to Japan without leaving WV! Language immersion half-day camp with emphasis on Japanese comics, animation, and coding. Campers will be creating comic panels and learning coding using Scratch that can animate those panels! 

Forensic CSI

Grades 6-12

Would you like to see the real science behind some of the famous crime dramas CSI and NCIS? With this class a “who done it” case will be simulated, and students will have to use their detective skills to solve the case. Students will be exposed to biology, physics, pharmacology, statistics; forensics specialties, including ballistics, forensic engineering, toxicology, digital and multimedia sciences. Cool sunglasses and sweet one liner jokes will be encouraged but not required. 

Leader educator will be Terry Dillman, who just completed a learning program for teaching forensic sciences.

Rigorous and fun!!

Camp class size 7-15

July 6-10

Board Game Bonanza

K-2 9:00-12:00, Grades 3-6 1:00-4:00, $145/week

What a great way to enjoy the summer! Play games, games, games with new friends! Games for all ages, interests and themes that stretch your strategy, reasoning, and hone social skills. Choose from classics like Monopoly (Pokémon or Frozen editions), Life, Trouble, Chess, Harry Potter Uno, Risk and try new ones like Catan Junior and Takenoko! Don’t worry if don’t know how to play all these, our staff will teach you.

July 13-17

Animal Rescue Camp

K-2 9:00-12:00, Grades 3-6 1:00-4:00, $145/week

During this camp we will meet many different kinds of animals, both pets and wildlife, and learn how to help them. We will learn how to make your own stuffed animal, how to make cat and dog beds and toys, wildlife rescue nests, and pouches for orphaned kangaroos which we will send to Australia. We will have a visit from the local animal shelter to meet some of their animals and give them some of our beds and toys.  Aside from visiting with and learning about animals, you will also learn hand sewing, machine sewing, and the basics of crocheting.

ACT Math boot-camp (all ages, Grade 9-12 suggested)

1:00-4:30, $300/week

Identify your math strengths and weaknesses, build on existing skills, play fun and challenging math games, daily practice in an average pacing of 1 question per minute, and reassessment at the end of the week so students are prepared to continuing studying independently. Taught by the Marshall University Math Department.

Camp class size 5-12

July 20-24

Wonders of Water Week

Grades 3-6, 9:00-12:00, $145/week

Can you image life without water?  Neither can we! Join us for an exciting week of learning all about the wonders of water. This camp will introduce topics such as water conservation, ocean currents, stream ecology, aquatic life, wetlands, green infrastructure and stormwater pollution. Young biologists will learn how to identify aquatic life, such as macroinvertebrates and fish, while conducting hands on activities that connect them to the water across planet earth! Leader educators will be Tomi Bergstrom, former MU graduate and current WV Project WET coordinator and Thomas Aluise, Youth Program Coordinator of West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.

Camp class size 8-24

This session is available for a STAR partnership wrap-around full day camp

Junior Engineers: Duplo/LEGO Building Blocks & Brain

Ages 4-Grade 2  (must  be 4 by the time the camp starts), 9:00-12:00; $145/week

Help us build structures, race tracks, zoos, and cities and build confidence, fine motor skills, and just have fun. Both open ended play and daily building challenges. We will be working with both Duplo and LEGOs so everyone get to build in their comfort zones and still try new things. Educators will be Terry Dillman and Jordan Holman who coach our LEGO Robotics teams and Kindergarten educator Kim Jones from Southside Elementary.

Animals Inside and out

Grades 6-12, 1:00-4:00, $145/week

Learn all about animals, both on the inside and out, using the Marshall University comparative anatomy collection and get to participate in daily dissections. Very hands-on and interactive and a great way to experience college-level facilities. A great class for students interested in either medical or veterinarian fields.

July 27-31

Super Spy: Can you Escape?

K-2, 9:00-12:00; Grades 3-6, 1:00-4:00, $145/week

Join us for a week of games, puzzles, adventure, mystery, and logic. If your child enjoys making games, or has the makings of a master spy, this camp is perfect for them. In this super fun week, kids will learn about cryptology and cryptography, play, solve, and make logic games, brain teasers, riddles, and puzzles, attempt to “escape the camp” with a real escape room, plan, build, and run their own breakout boxes or escape rooms and have daily outside time (weather permitting) following clues to find geocaches.

This session is available for a STAR partnership wrap-around full day camp

Molecular Biology

Grades 6-12 1:00-4:00 $145/week

Unleash your inner scientist! Explore DNA! Work in a real science lab doing fun, hands-on experiments as you investigate the genetic material that codes for all of life. How do scientists study genes/ Learn about what goes on in a Molecular Biology lab and you’ll even have the chance to isolate your own genomic DNA! Great introduction to health-related science if you’re interested in becoming a doctor or biomedical scientist. This class will be taught by Marshall Professor (and mom) Dr. Wendy Trzyna in one of our undergraduate lab rooms. Rigorous and fun!!

Camp class size 7-15

August 3-7

It’s Magic!

K-2, 9:00-12:00; Grades 3-6, 1:00-4:00, $145/week

Explore magic through chemistry, math, & engineering. Mix magical chemicals and watch things erupt, make water magically disappear, fool your new friends with card tricks, learn how to guess anyone’s birthday, and how to build magical structures that defy gravity. By the end of the week you will have made a book to take home with all your magical secrets.

Camp class sizes 8-24

This session is available for a STAR partnership wrap-around full day camp


STaR Partnership -Science, Tech and Rec

This summer we will be partnering with the Marshall University Rec Center Summer day camp. Any week we have half-day camps, your child can spend a half day with us exercising their brains and a half day running around at the Rec Center. If you sign up for this program, our staff will take our morning session campers once their day with us is done and drop them off at noon at the Rec Center, where you can pick them up at the end of the day. If you child is an afternoon camper with us, they can start their morning at the Rec center and our staff will pick them up at 12:45 and transport to the Science Building where you can pick them up at the end of the day. We are trying to make our camps easier and more accessible for full time working parents. Also email us if you need early drop off or late pick up, many times we can arrange this as well. After you register with us just contact the Rec Center front desk (call or drop in) and ask them about the STaR partnership (Science, Tech and Rec) and they will let your register for a half day with them (at their half-day rates). If you have questions about Rec Center portion of this program, please contact Jonathan Sanders, Coordinator of Competitive Sports & Camps, 304-696-4652 or

For our 7th year, the Marshall University College of Science is hosting Summer Science Adventure camps. Let us share with your child an unforgettable experience. With Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math, full STEAM ahead with idea that can learning can be so fun. All camps are hands-on with science, include creativity and art, and we sneak math in at every opportunity (and the kids don’t even notice it).

College of Science

With camps spanning many fields such as veterinarian sciences, microscopy, anatomy, microbiology, and computer programming, your child will explore through both hands-on and activity based learning. The camps offer the opportunity for your child to enrich their science education and see what real science is all about.

Our camps are designed and staffed by MU professors, graduate students, and local professionals to ensure your child is being taught by people whose careers are science based. Assistants include use Marshall students and STEM high school students for experience for everyone. Camps range from 2:6-2:10 staff-camper ratio permitting very individualized instruction. These camps will give your child an opportunity to explore careers in the sciences and, since these camps are in Marshall University laboratories, it’s a great peak to see what college has to offer!

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