Science Blitz Day

Science Blitz Day 2018-03-23T11:27:39+00:00

March 31 2018 West Virginia Science Adventures & Marshall University College of Science will be hosting the

2nd Annual Science Blitz

1:00-5:00 pm, College of Science Building on 3rd Avenue

A full day of free hands-on Science for children and families

1:00 Science themed master Easter Egg Hunt, prizes include Summer Camp tuition waivers, Camden Park tickets, fossils, rocks, arrow heads, and other cool science prizes

1:30-5:00 25 free, hand-on science activities for families including Planetarium star show, live animals, games, slime making and so much more!!

Science Egg Hunt – will include 4 different areas for different age groupings (ages 0-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10 and up)

Activities include:

Planetarium Shows – retreat into night and learn about the moon (Physics Department’s Dr. Saken)

Seedy Travel Adventures – microscopic plant investigations and games (Biology Department’s Dr. Harrison)

Fly on a Hovercraft (Dr. McBride & Society of Physics Students)

Mussels Matter (Dr. Jones’ Lab)

Diving and the Ohio River (Scuba Club)

Crawdads, Creepers, and Swimmy things (American Fisheries Society MU Chapter)

Submarine Grapes

How Super is your Taste?

Moon Sand Creation

Make Your Own Boucy Balls

Bunny Poo Slime

Elephant Toothpaste

Easter Egg Rockets

Pi for Easter (Math Club)

Gears Create Math (Dr. Lawrence)

Bugs: The Story of a Stream (Liz Fet, SD1 – Northern Kentucky District No.1)

Skin and Bones – learn about animal bones and get to touch animal skins (the lynx is the softest!)

Pickled, Stuffed, and Boned – tour our Natural History museum and meet some live snakes

Spring Time in Greyscale; Eggs shells, chicken father and pollen at 1,000X, David Neff

It’s an Eggecellent Time to Color

Sponsors for this year’s Science Blitz include:

MU College of Science, Camden Park, Billy Bobs, Pump-up the Fun, Wild Ramp, Clean Eatz, Roller Rama, and Skateland