Science Blitz Day

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March 31 2018 West Virginia Science Adventures & Marshall University College of Science will be hosting the

2nd Annual Science Blitz

1:00-5:00 pm, College of Science Building on 3rd Avenue

A full day of free hands-on Science for children and families

1:00 Science themed master Easter Egg Hunt, prizes include Summer Camp tuition waivers, Camden Park tickets, fossils, rocks, arrow heads, and other cool science prizes

1:30-5:00 25 free, hand-on science activities for families including Planetarium star show, alligator dissections, survival science, CSI Marshall, real Pokemon and so much more!!


Science Egg Hunt – will include 4 different areas for different age groupings (ages 0-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10 and up)

Activities include:

Planetarium Shows – retreat into night time and see stars in our brand new mobile planetarium

Plant Hairy Adventures – microscopic investigations

Clue Plants – a botanical who done it

Strawberry DNA

Bridges on the Bridge – Tristate bridges and how math will help you cross them

Wearing Pi – how many digits of Pi can include on you a bracelet

Microbial Petting Zoo

Scientific Egg Coloring

CSI Marshall – bones and blood splatter

Impressive Plants – tour Marshall’s Herbarium and learn how to press plants to start your own collection

Skin and Bones – learn about animal bones and get to touch animal skins (the lynx is the softest!)

Shocking Foods – generating energy with food

Life Cycle Tag – do you want to be a minnow or a shark??

Pollution Solution – can you clean our water?

Real Pokemon – play a game matching real animals with their Pokemon cousins

Sea-vivor – water survival

Alligator slice and dice – animal dissection

Sounds, Waves and Vibrations

Dog spit vs Human spit – look under a microscope and compare the bacteria in dogs and our mouths

Life at 10,000X Magnification – help use a $100,000 scanning electron microscope

Gears Creating Math – bring your building brain to see how you can draw math equations with gears

Sounds of Madagascar – listen to recorded sounds and see what you can learn about a forest in Madagascar

Pickled, Stuffed, and Boned – tour our Natural History museum and meet some live snakes

Traveling Water Wizard

Mussel Madness

Sponsors for this year’s Science Blitz include:

MU College of Science, Camden Park, Gino’s, Jimmy Johns, Firehouse Subs, Steward’s Hotdogs